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My name is Sarah Beitz, I am an independent Executive Director with Thirty-One Gifts and I lead a team of incredible consultants I nickname my CanadianBagLadiez. We have a ton of fun and enjoy much success together along this journey. I never imagined myself in direct sales, 6 years later I’m glad I said why not and give it a shot! I was recognized in thirty-one’s circle of honour and featured in the fall 2018 catalogue, it still doesn’t seem real… but here it is….

The business has only gotten better over the years, and Spring/Summer 2019 is going to be incredible!!!! We have more gift ideas, product lines and personalization options then ever before. Here are the enrolment kits we currently offer with everything included….

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Thirty-one gifts is so much more than just a bag, literally (wood decor, pillows, and photo gifts, etc.) and figuratively (sisterhood, expriences, confidence, etc.), I love it! I think you would too!

Read my ‘Think About it… Information Package’

Here I am at national conference, with the big pink box your enrolment kit will arrive

I love to share my expertise with all the #CanadianBagLadiez (consultants) on my team. When join my team you will get access to exclusive team resources (valued at over $1000) you can use to build your own business like graphics, party scripts, hostess packages, videos, and more! The great thing is that team resources are constantly being updated so that you will always have a wealth of current and effective materials to use in your business.

So other than getting the amazing kit and my exclusive team resource…. WHY should your join thirty-one gifts?

  • Make Money – Consultants make 25% commission on retail and party orders. You can make a little money by being a casual or seasonal consultant, supplement your household income as a part-time consultant, or enough to quit your day job as a career consultant.
  • Make your Wishes Realities – with thirty-one gifts new wishes rewards program you can work towards earning Disney or Visa gift cards to spend on your dream vacation or anything else you’ve always wished for, Dream BIG! You can also use your wishes rewards to buy products or business supplies, too!
  • Be Rewarded – Thirty-one gifts has so many incentives, there is something almost every month! There are seasonal sales incentives to get you set up with NEW products, long-term incentives to earn trips and bonus, and many more.
  • Save Money – Consultants enjoy a 40% discount on regular priced items through marketplace orders. Consultants can also host their own parties and earn hostess rewards and commissions.
  • Find Sisterhood – You will be amazed at how many new people you will meet all through a bag. We really do celebrate and encourage each other like no other company.
  • Increase Your Confidence – Working your thirty-one gifts business will naturally build your confidence as you reach out to others and get active in our community.
  • Give Back – Thirty-one Gives is our charitable organization that partners with many amazing organizations that support women, girls, and families. So every time you sell a bag you are raising money for (Ronald McDonald House Charities, Girl Talk, Girls on the Run, World Vision, and your local Children’s Hospitals.

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Learn about Thirty-one Gifts Wishes Reward Program

My life has only been improved since I joined thirty-one gifts. I have the freedom and flexibility to earn money from home while I raise my young family and volunteer in my community. I didn’t even own a passport before I joined thirty-one gifts and now i’ve been to Mexico, The Dominican Republic, California, and the Bahamas. I am working on earning my next trip to Hawaii! I have met so many wonderful people through my thirty-one gifts business, its nuts how many people I now have in my life all because of a bag!

I am happy to talk to you about the opportunity and how it could help you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Cheerio 🙂

Sarah Beitz – Ind. Senior Executive Director #canadianbaglady @canadianbaglady

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How to Become a Consultant

Step #1: Pick your Kit

Step #2: Buy your Kit

Once you have decided which kit best suits you and your business goals you need to go to my official Thirty-one Website and click the ‘join us’ tab. From there you will see a big pink button that says ‘join today’ click the button and follow the steps. There is a bunch of general information on my official website as well, but you will find all the details here on my blog.

Or you can go follow the link below to fill out out the forms to buy your kit and enrol as a consultant.

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Step #3: Explore online Resources

Shortly after you enrol you will get an official welcome email from thirty-one gifts, full of tons of very useful information and links to join our new consultant community. Thirty-one offers so many different online resources and training via our ‘New Consultant U’ Start working your way through this online training and don’t hesitate to ASK anything and everything!!

Explore Online Resources

Please note that you will only be able to access these resources after you have enrolled.

Step #4: Connect & Get Exclusive Team Resources

After you enrol you will get a call, text, or email from me welcoming you to the team! I will send you links to join our online community (Team Beitz) and you will get access to the exclusive CanadianBagLadiez resources.

Exclusive team resources are divided into several sections. Start with the New Consultant Resources….

Access Exclusive CanadianBagLadiez New Consultant Resources

Becoming a thirty-one consultant is just the beginning. We cannot wait for you to get started. Please don’t hesitate to reach out ❤️😁💜😀