Gifting Club

Join my gifting club to SAVE on personalized gifts and never scramble to find the perfect gift again!

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Gifting club runs for 6 months, and as a gifting club member you will shop a little ($40) for 5 out 6 months. Spending $40 unlocks additional savings via thirty-one gifts amazing customer specials, that are completely optional. P.S. gifting club members get the inside scoop on upcoming customer specials!

Everyone in the club is assigned one month to be the gifting club hostess. During your assigned month you will shop with the hostess rewards (credits, half price, and exclusives). Your fellow gifting club members will guarantee you a minimum $200 party with their $40 monthly order, likewise you will help to guarantee their $200 party with your $40 order in the other 5 months.

A $200 party order guarantees you $25 in credit, one half price item, and one hostess exclusive item. You can choose from any items offered in the catalogue or in one of our online only collections.

Check out this falls NEW hostess/gifting club exclusives! You can only get these items by hosting a party or by joining a gifting club! Personalization is included and each is available to you at incredible savings!!!!!!

During your month to be the gifting club hostess, you can increase your rewards by collecting orders from friends. I will have an online party set up for you, so you can simply share a link for friends to shop online. Collecting just a few orders can really boost your rewards significantly. Plus you will unlock the monthly hostess special when you hit $600 in sales.

Gifting club BONUS! You will get a special gift from me when you host an online/Facebook/catalogue party during your month. Just let me know if you want to give it a try and I’ll get you set up.


My gifting club is ideal for busy women who love thirty-one gifts but don’t have time to host a party. So if the idea of hosting makes you want to scream, but you love the hostess exclusives and love to Save money then the gifting club is perfect for you!

Gifting Clubs are formed whenever there are 6 members signed up on the waiting list. Sign-up to be added to the gifting club waiting list and secure your spot in the next available club.

Please Contact Me with any questions about gifting club!