Let’s talk about fundraisers. I find that fundraising isn’t everyones favourite thing to do, but yet most find the need to fundraise at some point. A Thirty-one Gifts fundraiser or fundraising party is a very easy, fun, and flexible way to raise money. There is no cost to host a thirty-one gifts fundraiser, all marketing materials and online set-up are provided free of charge. Our fundraisers work well for organizations big or small.

I have been doing fundraisers with thirty-one gifts for the past 6 years and the earning potential is fantastic. I actually love to crunch numbers and so my Goal for any of my fundraisers is to maximize the percentage of sales you get back. You are guaranteed to get a minimum of 30% back on ALL Sales, before shipping and taxes.  I have had several fundraisers that end up getting more than 50% back!!! There is no set scale because at thirty-one we have a number of different specials/offers that change monthly/seasonally. I use the whatever current promotions are available to maximize how much you get back. At the end I provide you with a summary and a cheque made out to your group/organization.

There are several types of thirty-one gifts fundraisers to choose from. In my experience I find that the groups that employ a combined approach usually end up getting much more than the minimum 30% back in sales. Please contact me if you are interested in fundraising with Thirty-One Gifts.


You choose a couple of our top selling products with or without limited personalization options and sell them for a flat price (which includes shipping & tax). You can do a traditional fundraiser with paper order forms and collect payment via cash or cheque or you can have online order forms and accept debit, credit, or electronic money transfers. Here is an example of a traditional thirty-one gifts fundraiser. Your organization will receive a minimum of 30% of all sales before shipping & tax. Please note that the large utility tote fundraiser flat price includes shipping/tax and so the minimum amount earned on each tote sold is $10 which is 30% before shipping and taxes.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 3.20.43 PM
Example 1: Traditional Large Utility Tote Fundraiser Order Form – February 2019

Fundraising Party

It’s just like a thirty-one gifts party with your group as the hostess. In this option friends and family can shop your fundraising party from almost anywhere in Canada just like they would normally shop online or via a catalogue; they can select from hundreds or products and personalization options. Friends and family can also qualify to purchase any available monthly customer specials and your group will benefit from every item sold, even if it is purchased at a reduced/sale/special price. Your organization will receive a minimum of 30% of all sales.


February Fundraising Party

Silent Auction / Online Auction

I often employ Auctions to increase the amount of money raised on traditional and/or fundraising parties. Most of my fundraisers end up generating over $1200 in sales, once we hit that level of sales your group gets 3 hostess exclusive items absolutely FREE!!! Your organization will earn 100% of the money on Free exclusives that are auctioned off to the highest bidder, which can significantly boost the money raised.

These items are regularly ONLY available for hostesses to purchase at significant savings. Our hostess exclusives are incredible, and they only way to buy them is to host a party (even consultants have to host a party to get them). As a result, many people want to buy our hostess exclusives but don’t want to host a party. Yes. we basically use hostess exclusives to motivate (aka bribe) people to host parties. As you can imagine when these exclusive products are used in an auction bidding can get high. Which is great news for your group as you will get 100% of the proceeds from auctioning off your FREE exclusives. Some organizations have annual large scale silent auctions and so I give them the exclusives for them to incorporate in their events. However,  I often run a simple online auction for most organizations as a part of their fundraising party.

Fundraising Raffel

You will need to obtain a local lottery licence if you choose this option. I will assist you in the selection of thirty-one gifts products to use a prizes for your raffle, and provide you with digital marketing materials and tickets for you to print. You sell the tickets, collect money, and use a portion of the money from ticket sales to buy your prizes from thirty-one gifts at a reduced price. You set the prices of the tickets and determine how prizes are distributed and so how much you get back is at the discretion of your organization.

Sponsoring Campagins

We love to GIVE at thirty-one gifts, we especially love to support those going through tough times by donating care packages to provide additional support, encouragement, and cheer. Consultants all across Canada run various campaigns to provide care packages to organizations such as Hospitals, Ronald McDonald House, Shelters, Nursing Homes, etc. Read about some of these amazing stories in my blog post entitled “Be the Give at Christmas”. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in a giving sponsorship campaign.

I annually run a cancer caddy campaign and donate caddies full of comfort items to those currently going through cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation at my local regional cancer centre. You can learn more about my cancer caddy campaign here

Interested in Fundraising with Thirty-One Gifts? Please Contact me to get started!