Which Wallet?

Everyone needs a wallet so which wallet is best for you? Or those on your gift list? See how these tried and true best selling wallets compare before you decided which wallet.

All About the Benjamins

At thirty-one gifts our best selling wallet since it was introduced a few years ago has been the All About the Benjamins wallet, commonly called the AATB. Clearly, this wallet has space for everything it fits all your cards, cash, coins, cheques, passports, and even your cell phone. Add a wristlet strap and this amazing wallet make a lovely clutch too.

Thirty-one is famous for personalization and now you can even have your AATB wallet monogrammed.

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Perfect Cents Wallet

The Perfect cents wallet is slightly smaller than the AATB but just as functional and it even has a spot for a pen. It is made of our durable cotton and features two external pockets, one for your coins and another for your cell phone. You can also add one of our wristlet straps to this wallet so that you can garb it and go, when you want to travel light.

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Inspired Crossbody

New to the line up is the Inspired Crossbody which is a wallet purse. It is larger than the AATB wallet and features and front snap down pocket which is perfect for keeping your phone easily accessible yet secure.

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Essential Money Clip

Men love our essential money clip, once they make the switch they will never go back to their big bulky wallet. I have given the essential money clip to all the men in my family and it really shocks them how much they love this wallet. I still remember my husband looking at me like I was crazy when I first got him one. Although he tried it just to humour me and ended up loving it. Be sure to watch this mans review of the Essential money clip and you’ll love it too!

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The AATB wallet is my go to wallet, and I pack it full, so the perfect cents wallet is just not big enough for me. I do love the inspired crossbody when I’m on my feet all day and don’t want to carry a purse. The men in my family adore the essential money clip. And so whichever wallet you end up choosing for yourself or as a gift you really can’t go wrong.

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