Boo Bags & Mystery Treats 4 Halloween

Have you ever Booed someone? Not the mean nasty kind, but the fun drop off some fun Halloween treats anonymously kind? Maybe you could boo a neighbour, co-worker, friend, or even a family member? Get the whole family involved there is nothing quite so fun as sneaking around to surprise someone with a treat. Plus you will be totally incognito if you do it dressed up in your Halloween costume. Simply fill up a little bag with treats and then drop it off anonymously. Don’t worry they won’t be freaked out the explanation on the little card will make it all crystal clear and encourage them to pay-it-forward and boo someone else.

Our First Family Booing Adventure

I took my family out to do a little booing a few days before Halloween this year and we had a blast! We wore masks and costumes so that we wouldn’t be recognized. We attempted to sneaked up like ninjas, dropped our boo bag filled with treats, rang the doorbell, and then ran back to the getaway van. I really do love Halloween it is just a fun celebration. And going out booing with the family just makes it that much more fun. You have got to try it!

Free Printables

Download these free Halloween printable courtesy of Thirty-one Gifts below or make your own and Enjoy! My brood is already planning who we will boo next Halloween. This is sure to be a favourite family tradition for years to come.

Mystery Treats

Booing is a ton of fun, but if it’s not your style you may want to have a little fun by picking up a treat for yourself or a friend from thirty-one gifts. From October 30-31 you can purchase a mystery treat for only $12 (retail Value $38+). There are 4 different surprise treats to choose from, pick one or grab one of each for this incredible price!! Although these treats are for Halloween they are not actually Halloween products or Halloween themed.

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