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I have a dear friend who each year makes me a photo ornament, and every year it is a surprise. Really it is! You may be thinking that I’m a little nuts if I’m surprised by the same gift each year. But it is a surprise because I have no idea which photo she will choose. She simply downloads one of my favourite photos that I’ve shared on my Facebook profile, prints it off, and turns it into an ornament. She then attaches the photo ornament onto some of her delicious home baked goods.

My sister did something similar a few years ago when she hosted our big family dinner. She gathered photos from everyone in the family and added a Santa hat on to everyone’s head. Made little ornaments from the picture and used them as name plates when she set the table.

In both cases these gifts were simple, inexpensive, and yet they truly warmed the cokils of my heart at the time and each and every year following. Although you may not be very social media savvy it is incredibly easy to download a photo and use it to surprise your family and friends with photo gifts. With the abundance of user friendly photo editing apps anyone can make a simple photo gift in just a few minutes. In this blog I am going to share some ideas on how you can make picture perfect gifts too!

Picture Perfect Ornaments

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The problem with most photo ornaments is that they are breakable. I have been known to shed a few tears over personalized and sentimental glass ornaments that have spectacularly smashed and broken into hundreds of pieces of the years. Has that ever happened to you? Isn’t it the worst when you break it yourself and have no one to blame?

Anyways, that is why I love the picture perfect ornaments from thirty-one gifts. They are made of durable iron and so they don’t break when then get dropped or the tree falls over or the kids play with them or… or… or… whatever else may befall special ornaments over the holiday season.

Our picture perfect ornaments are available in either the scalloped or round designs. You can upload your picture as is or you can opt to add one of our overlay words. If you need help with downloading or editing a photo please check out the bottom of this blog for detailed instructions or contact me and I am happy to help.

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Side Note: Last year when thirty-one first introduced their photo by thirty-one collection some brilliant consultant had the idea to make the photo inserts into ornaments here is a video to show you how to do that if you are looking to make a larger ornament out of one of our photo inserts. However I would recommend just ordering the picture perfect ornaments as they are lighter and come with a string.

Photo Key Fobs

Our photo key fobs make a great gift, your photos are printed on a thick faux leather circle so that it is durable and light to carry with you.

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Comparision of Fab Fob, Photo Key Fob, Wristlet Strap, and Hang-it-up Key Fob

Picture Perfect Charms

Another great picture perfect gift is our just write charm. These charms can be personalized in a number of ways you can also personalize them by uploading a photo. The charms are small and your photo is printed on silver-tone zinc. Because of the small size of these charms they can be added to almost anything necklaces, bracelets, key chains, bookmarks, bag charms, or even a bouquet of flowers.

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Picture Perfect Home Decor & Other Gifts

If you are looking for a larger picture perfect you will definitely want to check out our close to home table gallery, deluxe gallery, wall gallery and round frame. And our statement canvas pillows, wall art, tote bags, and pouches too!

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How to download a photo…

Find a picture. Click on the picture and Save to your device or computer.

Warning: DO NOT TAKE A SCREEN SHOOT. Screen shoots may be fine for showing someone what you are looking at on your screen. However, some of the pictures quality is often lost in the process.

How to make simple edits to photos….

All phones, tables, laptops, and computers come with some simple photo editing tools. It is a simple as opening the photo and clicking on Edit to crop or adjust the light and colour of a picture.

To add text, stickers, effects or layouts you will need to download a photo editing app. I edit photos all the time in my business and I use the PicCollage and Canva apps. I paid a small fee to have the watermark removed from my PicCollage creations, but I use only the free features in the canva app which are very extensive. There are a number of photo editing apps available and most are very user friendly for making simple edits. If you are getting frustrated, please just send me the picture (sarah@canadianbaglady.ca) and I will make the simple edits you require for your gifts.

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