Spotlight: Stand Tall Bin

The stand tall bin is the bin you’ve been looking for. We have several of these handy bins around our home, mostly we use them for laundry. I don’t remember when exactly I first got my very first Stand Tall bin but it must have been at least four years ago. And our bins have been been put through the wringers time after time, yet they still stand tall and work wonderfully.

Watch this video to see the stand tall bin in action and my lovely collection laundry bins.

Loads of Laundry

The number one use of thirty-one gifts stand tall bin is as a laundry hamper. There are so many fun ways to personalize your laundry hamper to suit your personality, decor, and organization. I love the stand tall bin as a housewarming, wedding, or graduation gift fill it with linens, pillows, towels, laundry detergent, or any other useful household items to create an ultimate gift basket.

Tons of Toys

Kids of all ages somehow end up with tons of toys. Although you’d love to just toss their toys all away at least you can keep them contained.

Got Gear?

Got oversized gear? The Stand tall bin is ideal for Organizing over sized gear.

Camper Hamper

Don’t even think of going camping without the stand tall bin! It is perfect for your camp laundry, garbage, recycling, and fire wood. Because this bin collapses flat your will want to pack at least one if your like me and like to keep your home away form home clean and tidy.

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