Hands Free Bags 4 Daily Adventures

Everyone needs a good bag for the day to day. Thirty-one has a number of hands free bags designed or all of your daily adventures. I find that no matter what I’m doing on any particular day, I always need to both carry items with me and be hands free all at the same time. These stylish totes all fit the bill while keeping me organized too!

Sling Back Bag

I love to be outside hiking, biking, or day-trips. The sling back bag is light weight with a large capacity, and it easily adjusts so it can be worn on your left or right sides. I often switch my sling back bag mid way through the day, especially when I am on my feet all day.

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Casual Cargo Bag

Made of canvas with a casual and stylish silhouette the casual cargo bag has quickly become a fan favourite. It features our hidden cellphone pocket and a thermal pocket. This bag also makes a great diaper bag too.

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Adventures Backpack

The adventures backpack is larger then the sling back bag, and is equipped with tons of pockets even a thermal pocket. This backpack opens wide and stays open so that you can easily see everything packed inside.

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City Park Bag

Do you love big totes? If you do you will adore thirty-one’s city park tote! It looks great and has tons of pockets perfect for keeping your items organized and in place. This tote is great for prepared moms on the go, it is big enough to hold everything the whole family needs for a day out.

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Crossbody Organizing Tote

This strong utility tote is perfect for just about anything from work to play. With four exterior pocket, a full zipper closure, and an adjustable crossbody strap this all purpose tote has quickly become a go-to.

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Boutique Backpack

I love my boutique backpack. It is the size of a medium purse, has a structured silhouette, and has comfortable canvas straps. The boutique backpack looks great with just about every outfit.

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Call Me Crossbody

When you want to travel light with only your phone, keys, and a couple of cards the call me crossbody is exactly what you need.

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I am a busy mom who is always on the go and find that for my daily adventures require me to be hands free. This collection of backpacks and crossbody bags from thirty-one gifts can all be worn hands free making them idea for all of your adventures. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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