How to pack your toiletries for Carry-On travel

Do you check bags when you fly?

Does the thought of traveling with only your carry-on luggage seem daunting?

If you are nodding your head yes you are just like me. I have friends who fly all the time with just a carry-on and a personal item. I have envied them for a long time, and have tried to follow their example but I never seem to be able to do it. So on my latest trip to the Bahamas 🇧🇸 I was determined to do it, but totally chickened out at the last minute.

However, I did get one step closer…. I did not check my toiletries! I packed them in my personal item and it worked wonderfully. Now I just need to learn how to pack everything else light and I’ll be a carry-on only kinda gal. In my defence my husband and I did share one checked bag which was a huge step in the right direction. We like to be prepared and therefore tend to over pack, but after paying to check our one bag 4 times we are very motivated for our next trip!

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Here is a screen shoot from my video blog! Lol Why can I never grab a screen shot in which my eyes don’t look a little crazy!

I decided to test out thirty-one’s new hostess exclusive the essential carry-all tote. It is airport approved for your personal item and fits perfectly under the seat in front of you.

I know there are a lot of bags that will work as your personal item, so you may be thinking what makes this one so awesome that it would be worth hosting a party or joining a gifting club to get? Let me elaborate…

1. No Mess!

The interior is fully lined with plastic, just like a make-up bag! So if by chance anything pops open and makes a mess…. no worries, you just wipe it clean.

On the left I have the get creative rectangular pouch, get creative cylinder, and the glamour case. On the right is the essentials carry-all.

Look at the inside, it’s shiny on the bottom and on the sides, that’s the durable plastic lining.

2. Organizer’s Dream!

It’s a dream to organize the inside! With four mess pockets and four elastic organizers to keep everything organized nothing is going to get tossed around and messed up in transit.

It easier to see in the video but the along the top side there are 2 mesh pockets, one has my waterproof cellphones case and the other has some Kleenex. On the left and right sides there are 2 more mesh pockets on the left I have my Baubles & Bracelets case and on the right I have my exclusive AATB (all About the Benjamins Wallet).

This picture shows the 4 elastic holders on the other side. Going from left to right I have my wet brush (great for tangles), a mini zipper pouch with a pair of sun glasses, a get creative sleeve full of Q-tips, and another mini zipper pouch with my feminine necessities.

Every interior wall of this bag has something to help you keep small items organized. Yet there is still lots of room left in the middle for larger items.

There it is all packed, organized, and ready to take flight. In the middle I have packed my glamour case, for make-up and other non-liquid toiletries; my get creative rectangle pouch for my medicines; and my get creative cylinder as my wet bag.

Glamour Case – packed with makeup and other non-liquid toiletries.

Get Creative Rectangle Pouch – great pouch for medicines.

Get Creative Cylinder – the perfect wet bag!

Get Creative Cylinder used as a wet bag for packing toiletries in carry-on luggage.
My husbands get creative cylinder used for his wet bag.
Our wet bags standing up nicely together. They also stood up nicely on the counter at the hotel too.

3. Smart Exterior Pockets

I’ve talked a lot about the inside of the essentials carry-all so now let’s check out the exterior. There are 2 great exterior Pockets one thermal pocket which is perfect for snacks or personal hand held electronics and another perfectly sized for travel documents.

I love chocolate! So you know I threw a couple of snackers in the thermal pouch.

I love to keep my travel documents in a mini ruby, I add a wristlet strap so I can attach it to my wrist so I don’t lose it while waiting in line.

Not only is the essential carry-all ideal for packing your toiletries in your personal item for air travel. It is perfect for packing toiletries for a weekend getaway for you or the whole family. Also, this bag is a must have for dancers!

Essential carry-all make a perfect dance bag.

How will you use your essential carry-all? I can’t wait to see!

Contact me to get all the details on how you can get the exclusive essentials carry-all!

P.S. Did I mention that you get free personalization on the essentials carry-all? Check out these great personalization ideas….

Essential Carry-All with Dandelion icon-it with text. 
Hot Air Ballon icon-it with text. 
Compass Monogram. 
Book icon-it with 2 lines of text. 
Bear icon-it with 2 lines of text. 
Rescue icon-it with text. 
Feather Monogram. 
Shark icon-it with 2 lines of text. 
Swimming icon-it with one line of text. 

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