How to Pack the perfect camp kitchen

Do you love camping? Do you love packing? I love camping and I love packing! Learn how to create and pack the perfect camp kitchen in a deluxe Utility Tote and a large Utility Tote from thirty-one gifts.

Not long after I joined thirty-one gifts 5 years ago, I used a couple of large Utility Totes to pack for our family camping trip. It was during this family camping trip that my dear husband, seen here relaxing in the hammock, finally got it! He finally understood why I liked these bags so much and how I could sell them.

Be prepared! We are certainly prepared to cook anything with out camp kitchen in a tote or two. The deluxe Utility Tote (above) stores the items we use to cook at camp while the large Utility Tote (below with the top) stores all the items we need to eat at camp.

Wow can you believe that all this gear fits in a deluxe Utility Tote? Here is a list of everything included: 2 frying pans, one big pot for boiling water with lid, 2 small pots for cooking with lids, 2 washing basins, 2 dish towels, 2 dish clothes, 2 sponges, 1 scrub brush, dish soap, one collapsable drying rack, one collapsable bucket, cutting board, camp stove grill, box of composting bags, box of recycling bags, box of garbage bags, spatulas, spoons, tongs, and roasting skewers.

I picked charcoal crosshatch for the deluxe Utility Tote to house my camp kitchen because the dirt doesn’t show on it. The tote is personalized with All caps text in black embroidery thread.

Here it is all packed up and ready for a top to keep everything secure while we travel.

I have an older style deluxe cinch top for my camp kitchen, but the newer deluxe top-a-Tote works just as well and looks identical to the top-a-tote I have on the large Utility Tote.

Now let’s move on to my second tote full of dishes and utensils. We have a family of 6 and so we need at least 6 of everything in our camp kitchen.

Look at all those dishes and utensils that fit inside a large Utility Tote.

Did you know that the double Duty Caddy fits perfectly inside the large Utility Tote. I use this one for our utensils. There are 6 cups nestled inside the caddy, 3 on each side. I pull it out and set it on the table and we are all set to dig in. The 4 exterior mesh pockets store other items like the can opener, salt & pepper, tongs, scissors, etc.

A second double Duty Caddy holds our insulated mugs with lids, perfect for hot chocolate sipped by the campfire.

Here it all is packed perfectly into a large Utility Tote. And that is how you pack the perfect camp kitchen, in a large Utility Tote and a deluxe Utility Tote from thirtyone gifts.

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