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The best grocery bags are reusable, strong, durable, and functional! Utility totes from thirty-one gifts really do make the best grocery bags. I have a large family and I often find myself at the grocery store. Sometimes I feel like I am there all the time! I was buying groceries and thought I would share some tips and tricks on how I fully utilize my totes.

Let’s start with which bags I packed for my average grocery run. I brought 5 essential Storage Totes, 2 Large Utility Totes, and one Fresh Market Thermal. I don’t always bring these totes I often try out other bags, but these are definitely my go to grocery bags.

I pack all my grocery bags in an essential Storage Tote tote, so they are easy to transport and don’t get lost at the bottom of the cart. Trust me I have piled groceries on top of my bags many times and struggled to free them before the grocer starts packing my food in disposable plastic bags.

Plastic grocery bags are such a waste especially for groceries…. they only fit a few small items so you need lots, the corners on boxes rip them, the handles break if you put too much weight in them so you need to double bag anything heavy, they cost five cents a piece, and they all look identical so it’s easy smush the fruit/bread or break the eggs. You know you’ve done it before, don’t worry so have I. Anyways, now that I’ve bored you with my plastic bag rant, let’s get back to the best grocery bags – Utility Totes from thirty-one gifts.

I find that a large Utility Tote works best for large freezer items. I buy in bulk and the big boxes quickly fill up smaller totes or thermals.

Here is my fresh Market Thermal, I have had this bag for years. When I’m not using it to transport food for potlucks or events its used for groceries. The fresh Market Thermal is perfect for smaller refrigerated foods. The fresh Market Thermal will also hold 3 – 4L bags or 12 litres of bagged milk, so I grab it when I just doing a milk run. And yes we drink a lot of milk! Lol

The Essential Storage is approximately the same size as your classic paper grocery bag (approximately 14.5″H x 12″L x 9″D) . But unlike a paper grocery bag this one can be used hundreds and hundreds of times. This bag is rated to hold 30lbs, has 2 extended webbed handles, and is made of the same thick polyester as our other utility totes.

Essential Storage Tote easily fits Large cereal boxes and those large plastic pastry containers. I ❤️ croissants 🥐

Essential Storage Tote packed full of grab and go snacks.

Essential Storage Tote loaded with 6 x 2L juice bottles and doesn’t even break a sweat. Essential Storage Totes work well for other shopping too, not just groceries.

The large Utility Tote really is an all purpose bag. This one is packed with everything I don’t want smushed like fruit, vegetables, and bread. A layer of Fruit and veggies on the bottom and a layer bread on the top. I stack this one on top of my other large Utility full of heavy frozen foods.

Thirty-one gifts really does offer the best utility totes for groceries! This is what my cart looked like after I checked out. P.S. the guy with my cart is one of my customers husband. He was walking by and jumped in for a fun photo bomb!

The best part about the utility totes is they work for more than just groceries. You can use your totes for anything! I would love to see pictures of how you use your utility totes, send me a picture and you could be featured on my site.

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