5 Best Bundles to Buy in June

June’s customer special includes EVERYTHING in a solid crosshatch print! We currently offer 4 solid crosshatch prints: charcoal, mocha, light grey, and pink. We have so many different products available in our best selling crosshatch prints, it’s almost like everything is on special. So each item in solid crosshatch will be 50% off when when you purchase any of these bundles in June 2018.

There are so many ways to bundle and save in June! My picks for the 5 best bundles to Buy in June will not only save you money, they will also help you smoothly sail through summer.

1. Lugging Loads of Laundry

Shop Stand Tall Bin

Shop Large Utility Tote

If you ever go camping then you know that laundry can pile up quickly, especially when you are enjoying the great outdoors! You need a system to keep the clean and dirty clothes separate and organized.

I recommend using the stand Tall bin for dirty laundry for many reasons…. it is perfectly sized to fit one large load, so when you fill it you know it’s time to visit to the laundromat. It stands open with a large circular rim so it is easy to toss dirty clothes inside. The rim is also great for hanging wet dish towels and wash cloths, so they don’t damage your other clothes. The long straps make hauling a load to the laundromat easier because you can hang it off your shoulder. The stand Tall bin also fits perfectly in an RV shower and collapses flat for storage.

I recommend using the large Utility Tote for any special clothing or gear your adventures may require i.e. rain gear, beach towels, life jackets, wet suits, climbing gear, warmer clothes, hats, mosquito nets, hiking boots, etc. It is so much easier when you are camping with your family to have all the gear together so that no one is tempted to dump their luggage to find something fast. Something always gets lost, wet or dirty when you dump luggage to find something fast, especially when it starts to rain suddenly! I don’t know about you but It always rains when I go camping.⛺️ If you do need to do laundry while away from home simply remove your special gear temporarily and use your large Utility Tote as a laundry basket to fold and carry your clean clothes.

2. Packed to Celebrate 🎉

Shop Picnic Thermal

Shop Littles Carry-all Caddy

Shop Deluxe Utility Tote

Summer is full of celebrations! Holidays, BBQs, Picnics, Reunions, Parties, Potlucks, Shows, Day Trips, Special events, and MORE! Whether you the one who plans or attends you are going to need to bring something…. food, drinks, equipment, games, decorations, gifts, prizes, or perhaps 100 matching reunion t-shirts for the whole extended family.

The picnic thermal, littles carry-all caddy, and deluxe Utility Tote will be your go to bags for all your summer celebrations.

The picnic thermal features our leak lock liner and so you can use it like a hard cooler but easily carry it like a soft cooler. The adjustable strap allows you to wear it Crossbody, too!

The littles carry-all caddy is ideal for small items you want to have easily accessible but you don’t want to loose track of amid the bustle. Tape, markers, pens, notebooks, scissors, a Utility knife, matches, a measuring cup or spoons, bug spray, sun screen, after bite, keys, cellphone, medicine, napkins, cutlery, sparklers, candles, cards, or any other small item critical to the celebration! When you are running around it’s nice to put those special items in a little caddy so you can always have them at hand without having to carry them around.

The deluxe Utility Tote is our biggest and strongest tote, it can carry up to 100lbs, is reinforced on the bottom, has 3 small exterior pockets, 2 side handles, and 2 shoulder straps. There are very few things you couldn’t pack in a deluxe Utility Tote….. i think that you could even pack the kitchen sink, if you were so inclined! You will want to add personalization to this tote so that you don’t lose it while you prepare, enjoy, and clean up after the celebrations.

3. Family Fun Gift Set

Shop Mesh Mix Cinch Bag

Shop Summer Fun Caddy

Sop Summer Days Towel

The family fun gift Set is the perfect gift for any family that loves to play at the beach or pool. This set includes 2 personalized summer days towels, a mesh Mix cinch bag, and a summer fun caddy.

Fun beach towels are everywhere, so much so that they can easily get mixed up or lost. I have found that Personalizing/monogramming a towel makes it unique and much more likely to return to its owner. Especially at summer camp, swim lessons, pool parties, and even at aquatic exercise classes.

The mesh Mix cinch bag is awesome! Mesh on the bottom, solid on the top, cinch top closure, a large interior zipper and flat pockets too! The mesh bottom allows for wet/sweaty items to air out! You will never open up this bag after forgetting to unpack it to find anything mouldy, stinky, or wet! The secrete pockets inside the solid top allow you to easily hide valuables or other unmentionables. It’s genius!

The summer fun caddy has a fine mesh bottom and 3 exterior pockets. I adore this caddy! I use it for anything messy like….. bubbles, sunscreen, bug spray, toys, and soaps. Or anything you are using while at the beach or pool like a first aid, drinks, magazines, books, or hand held devices. It can even be used to hang up freshly washed utensils while they dry.

4. Slice of life Gift Set

Shop In-the-clear Tote

Shop Picnic Thermal

The slice of life gift Set makes a beautiful summer gift, it features the in the clear tote and the picnic thermal.

The in the clear tote features a laminated canvas base, so this bag is waterproof! There are also an interior zipper and 2 flat pockets for small items and a claw ring to keep your keys from getting lost in the bottom of this spacious tote. The tote ties shut, has soft shoulder straps, and a canvas panel detail. But the best thing about the in the clear tote is that it’s clear! You won’t need to rummage to find what your looking for.

The picnic thermal tote is the perfect soft cooler bag, you will need to stay hydrated and fed while you enjoy all of your summer fun.

5. Summer’s Sweetest Accessories

Shop Swap-it Pocket

Shop Cool Zip Snacker

Shop Pinch top eyeglass case

Shop Wristlet Strap

Summers sweetest accessories are SWEET! How cute are the watermelons? These accessories are must haves for everyone!

The swap-it pocket is hands down the best purse/bag/tote organizer you’ve ever used. I love my swap-it pocket! It keeps all my essentials neatly organized and allows me to easily change my bag without dumping everything out. I was a girl guide in my youth and the motto to alway be prepared really stuck with me! I am prepared for almost anything thanks to my swap-it pocket!

The pinch-top eyeglass case and wristlet strap are great for putting away your reading glasses so you don’t lose them on top of your head, like my mother always did. Lol But it also makes the perfect cell phone case/purse, it’s spacious interior even secures the iPhone plus. The exterior zipper pocket is great for your ID, cash or lipgloss. And the wristlet strap turns it into a little clutch, perfect for when you are headed out for the evening and want to travel light.

The cool Zip snacker is a little thermal pouch with a washable food grade lining. I always like to have a little snack packed, never know when you will have a chocolate emergency.

So which do you think of my 5 best bundles to buy in June? Comment/Reply to let me know what you think!

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