5 Fun Summer Party Themes

Summer is the best time to party! Here are 5 themes with free Banner and cupcake topper printables to help you plan your fun summer party!

1. Slice of Life | one in a melon | watermelon Fun Summer Party Theme

It isn’t a summer party unless you are serving watermelon. Watermelon is mostly water and so its a great fruit to serve at get togethers, reunions, or sporting events. All you need for this theme is watermelon, its an easy summer party theme when you want to keep it simple.

Watermelon Banner – Free Printable

Watermelon Cupcake Toppers – Free Printable

Watermelon Cool Zip Snacker

2. Camping | Trailer | Happy Campers Fun Summer Party Theme

Its always a party at the campground! Something about being outside really brings people together, friends, family and even complete strangers. The happy campers print and personalization options are so fun and playful, you will be set to party wherever you park it!

Happy Campers Banner – Free Printable

Happy Campers Cupcake Toppers- Free Printable

Essential Storage Tote and Littles Carry-All Caddy in happy Campers

3. Unicorn Dreams | Princess & Fairytales | slumber Party Fun Summer Party Theme

Decorate for slumber parties, birthday parties, playdates and any other time you are entertaining girls with the Unicorn Dreams print. Little girls love to dress-up and play make believe. This print makes me think of the Princess of Pink or Pinkalicious, the main character in a series or books my little girls adore!

Unicorn Dreams Banner- Free Printable

Unicorn Dreams Cupcake Toppers- Free Printable

4. Shark Party | Swimming Party | Beach Party Fun Summer Party Theme

Sharks are cool! Everybody loves Sharks, especially boy! Little or big, no one ever seem to out grow their love of sharks. Use this print to make any pool party special this summer.

Shark Party Banner- Free Printable

Shark Party Cupcake Toppers – Free Printable

5. Sweet Sparklers | Summer Holidays | Fireworks Fun Summer Party Theme

Summer is full of holidays, there is always something to celebrate. I don’t know how or why, but every holiday has fireworks. Decorate with the sweet sparklers prints to celebrate all you summer holidays!

Sweet Sparklers Banner – Free Printable

Sweet Sparklers cupcake toppers- Free Printable

Large Utility Tote and Picnic Thermal in sweet Sparklers

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