10 ways I Luv My Large Utility Tote (LUT)

So what is a Large Utility Tote (LUT) and why do I luv mine?

LUT = Large Utility Tote

Why I love my Large Utility Tote is simple… it’s useful, strong, cute, and makes so many of life’s daily adventures easier. I have listed 10 ways that I luv my LUT, each way has pictures and a short video. Enjoy 😊

1. Grocery & Errands

The Large Utility Tote is my go to bag for groceries and errands. I keep this set in the trunk just incase I get a few minutes to grab groceries or do some errands. I have a couple of essential Storage totes and a fresh Market Thermal inside my LUT.


2. Off Season Clothing Storage

The weather is so unpredictable, unseasonably cold or hot days can pop up at anytime throughout the year. So I store my kids off season clothing in a Large Utility Tote on the top shelf of their closets. With the LUT you won’t ever have to panic about finding the right clothes to wear when you are faced with weird weather.

3. Keeping toys Tidy

You know those toys your kids love that are big and awkward, that sit out on the floor because they don’t fit anywhere? The Large Utility Tote (LUT) is the perfect solution!

4. Sports Gear

Speaking of big and bulky, sports gear will litter your home if it doesn’t have an easy portable storage solution that also allow for sweaty & wet protective gear to dry out. I have this Large Utility Tote (LUT) for soccer but you could use it for any sport.

5. Toilet Paper & Paper Towel

You never want to run out of these 2 staples, keep your linen closet or wherever you store these items clean and tidy with the Large Utility Tote (LUT).

6. Yarn & Knitting Supplies

If you knit or crochet, chances are you have a stash of wool, projects, books, and needles. Keep your stash ready for when you are in a Large Utility Tote (LUT). Don’t forget to add a top-a-tote to these LUTs so that you can keep your projects form getting dusty.

7. Sewing: Fabric & Patterns

I love to sew. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time as I would like to spend sewing with 4 busy kids. So I keep my projects, fabric, and patterns stored and organized in a Large Utility Tote LUT and top-a-tote.

8. Rain Gear

Boots, splash pants, and umbrellas take up a lot of room in your entrance way. Keep them tucked away in a Large Utility Tote LUT and just bring them out when needed and then put them away when the sunshine returns.

9. Living Room Storage

Keep extra blankets and pillows close at hand in the stylish limited edition Large Utility Tote (LUT).

10. Kindling & Fire Wood

For Mother’s Day I received a backyard fire pit! I love it. I love campfire and now I can have one in my backyard, It’s heaven on earth! So we set off into the little woods by our home to collect kindling. We used a Large Utility Tote (LUT) that has come with us on many of our outdoor adventures to help carry the wood we collected. Did you know that the large Utility Tote is rated to hold 50lbs?

Not only does the large Utility Tote carry kindling, it also carries logs for your campfire, fireplace, or wood stove. I love the personalization on this LUT in charcoal crosshatch, black thread in the all caps font.

Are you ready to LUV your LUT?

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  1. Sarah….do any of the utility totes have a hard bottom? (so when you fill them they don’t sag?

    • Hi Colleen, the deluxe Utility Tote and the deluxe Organizing Utility Tote both have hard bottoms.

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