Ultimate busy bags for kids

As I was tidying up this morning after a busy weekend. I found various parts of one of one particular toy scattered throughout several rooms and so I said to myself I need to put those in a zipper pouch! And so I thought I would share just how I use zipper pouches to make the ultimate busy bags to keep my active kids quite and occupied.

My kids love these magnetic building shapes so much I pack them when we are going somewhere, where I want to them be quite. A challenging task with 4 active littles. I find that it really helps them stay quite at church if they have special toys they only get to play with during Sunday services. And so the blue bag with the frog 🐸 comes with us to church each week.

A neighbour gave us these fun magnetic stick and ball building set and so we’ve added it to our collection of special Sunday toys. When she gave it to us it came in a very big plastic suitcase, that wasn’t going to work. So I opted to put them in the old diaper and wipes zipper pouch I had used daily for 5 years! We are finally out of diapers! Woohoo 🙌 As my kids get older they want to build bigger and more complex structures, so this gift couldn’t have come at a better time. So many great toys come in cumbersome containers, I find that kids are much more likely to play with a toy when it’s stored in a zipper pouch they can easily carry and open.

Both my sons and daughters love to build with these suction cup shapes things as they stick to almost every surface. These ones do make a fun popping sound, that often results in giggles, so this busy bag is better for play at an arena where they stick to everything. These sticky toys also provide hours of entertainment on long car rides as they stick to car windows too.

We can’t talk busy bags without talking about colouring. A lot of parents think their kids don’t like colouring or drawing but perhaps you haven’t given them the right colouring books? I have found that my kids love adult colouring books! They never use kid colouring books, except maybe to use the stickers to decorate every surface of the house! So I found these great books with detachable square pages so that I only need to pack one book for everyone. Both my 9 year old and my 3 year old enjoy these colouring sheets, it’s wonderful!

You know what else is awesome about the square pages? You can use them for origami too. My brother, there uncle, can keep them occupied for hours as he makes little origami animals. I think everyone needs a fun uncle with mad origami skills! My older kids are following in their uncles footsteps and learning to make some simple things themselves, and that occupies them and keeps them quite for a long time. It’s great.

Those are the 4 go to quite bags that we are presently using in our family. The zipper pouch make the ultimate busy bag for kids it is strong, washable, and you can personalize it too!

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